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Lucille’s 1913 is building a vertically integrated ecosystem that will combat food insecurity and waste; create training and employment opportunities in traditionally under-resourced neighborhoods; and empower communities to discover a self sustainable livelihood through food.

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Mimicking his restaurant’s ethos, Lucille’s 1913 also pays homage to Chef Chris’ great grandmother and culinary pioneer, Lucille B. Smith. In 1913, as the nation was celebrating “Jubilee Year” — the 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation — the restaurant’s  namesake Lucille B. Smith was giving birth to her catering business in Fort Worth, Texas. This endeavor enabled Smith to raise funds for community service projects and advocacy initiatives. Lucille’s 1913 was born out of this same love of community. In turn, we provide curated meals that directly speak to the unique palates of the communities we serve, while providing the much-needed daily nutrition they deserve.


Meals Provided

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Our investment in the communities we serve is not only deliberate, but holistic. In addition to providing wholesome meals, we care creating a sustainable infrastructure that includes culinary arts and horticulture training; farming and food processing resources; and accessible food waste solutions.

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Everyone can make a difference! Even a small gesture can have a huge impact. Get involved today.

Lucille’s 1913 is proud to team up with other non-profit and for-profit organizations to achieve our collective goal of helping the community.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with local bars throughout Houston to create the Lucille’s 1913 Pop-Up Program, a weekly Thursday night event on the patio at Lucille’s. Our efforts provided more than $42,000 for out-of-work Houston-area bartenders over a three-month span. We also joined forces with Chris Shepherd’s One Fifth and Benjamin Berg’s B.B. Lemon to implement the pop-up program at other heralded restaurants in our city. We hosted a voter registration drive from our community kitchen at The Power Center in Southwest Houston, and our next big initiative is to provide 1,000 holiday meals for 5,000 families in December – all while continuing to feed 686 meals per day to under-served communities in Sunnyside, Acres Homes, Fifth Ward and Third Ward Houston.



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