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Ways to Contribute

Lucille's 1913 offers a variety of Community Partnership opportunities for Individuals, local businesses and non-profit organizations to support Lucile's 1913 mission to feed those in need.


Contributions from supporters are the main source of revenue for our initiatives. Community Partnerships from the Individuals and business in our community are important. They enable Lucille's 1913 to produce and deliver thousands of nutritious meals we could not otherwise provide.


Lucille's Community Partnerships help sustain over 15 communities in need in the Houston area. In addition, Lucille's 1913 offers hundreds of daily lunches to the children at the Imani school in Houston.

Contribution Levels

One-time Gift to

Lucille's 1913

Help us deliver nutritious meals to food insecure communities.


Lucille’s 1913 is a nonprofit organization addressing food insecurity in economically vulnerable communities in Houston, Texas. Through its accessible catering services, the organization manages long-term programs that create jobs, support local farmers and vendors, and offer access to professional culinary arts and hospitality training

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Become a Community


Community Guardians are a special group of supporters who make recurring (e.g. monthly) gifts to Lucille's 1913.


This reliable support allows us to better plan our senior meal delivery services, as well as expand other programs and initiatives like the community gardens and more satellite kitchens.

Become a Guardian Now!

Other Ways to Contribute

By Mail

please make checks out to:

Lucile's 1913

and mail to:

12401 South Post Oak

Suite J

Houston, Texas 77045

By Phone:

please contact Robertine



Become a Volunteer:

we are always looking for kind, energetic folks who want to make a difference in their community.

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